Firebase make a leaderboard

I am creating a quiz application and users want to show how many points the other user got (score table) and when I searched, the topic in the link below came out, I did it but it only takes the scores, it does not take the names and gives an error
please help me
thanks in advance
(I’m using translation sorry for mistakes :slight_smile:
link :How to make a leaderboard with firebase? - #18 by Aditya_Roy

Try this:

my blocks :
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note: First I made a different interface but when it didn’t work I tried the friend’s interface but it still didn’t work.

i try

I tried but gave the same error

Did you use the web component url to return the values ?

how can i use this

The url syntax is described in the link I provided. Put this to a web component url, and capture the responseContent, using JSON decode blocks if needed.

i got this error

You have an error, but you do not show:

  1. Your firebase data structure
  2. Your firebase rules
  3. Your firebase url with parameters
  4. Your relevant blocks

How will anyone know what the problem is?

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everything is above
thank you
note: when this error came up, tag was the name now i replaced it with id
note2:puan means point

I did it by watching:
but the man does not speak english
my english is not very good i might be wrong
but thanks for you

Why ask for a Firebase solution then, if you move to Airtable!!

I couldn’t then I decided to pass
i’m a little newbie

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