Firebase makes app not work

I’ve recently added some firebase components to my app. When I try to install the APK, it says “App not installed”. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Unistall if their is existing app same with the apk version your trying you want to install, after that restart your phone and install the apk u want

Thanks! Do you know why uninstalling and reinstalling works? Also, can you use better English so that if I mark your reply as a solution, other people can read it?

If your app version code is equals (or/and lower) with current installed app’s version code, then Android won’t think it is an app update/upgrade and cancel the installing the app operation. If you increase the app version code from Screen1 when everytime you extract an APK, then you won’t have this problem.

This also happens when you publish your app on Google Play, you can’t upload an APK with the same version code which you uploaded before.


Interesting. Thanks!

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Actually, I think it might be because I changed the minimum SDK version. Either way, uninstalling and reinstalling works.


Yes, this is an another reason too.

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