Firebase mobile verification [send 10k otp message free]

There is a lot of option for firebase verification and the email verification is already made by sander, but i will need the mobile number verification for my project to prevent from fraud. so can we please have component for this type of verification?

You have to wait for the next updates, maybe we get this option. But pls read at first in the community for things what you need or want to know , because we have a few posts about phone number auth.

I’m sorry but can you please tag the topics?

This feature is most helpful for all since it is free up-to 10k otp[sms] per month :hugs::hugs:


Even some of ProKoders saying this is not useful. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. I still need it.

i dont need a phine number auth, it will be better if we the database and the auth components work together. To make the database safe, with the rules.

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But I need that…
Because it prevents user creating fraud accounts, it is also helpful to create forgot password system, moreover the function make application more professional…
If you don’t need then don’t vote on it, simple


Peoples are implementing it on Android studio on YouTube :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: it’s an additional features of authentication :thinking:…
Nobody doing it on app inventor platform… Hope anyone expert would take a look at it :hugs:…
I really need it

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you can reset your password with the web component and the firebase api. There are other ways to authenticate the phone number with sms. look in the community

Yes! I’ve searched on community, searched on other app inventor platform based community and google also…
I haven’t found any platform that provides 10k free otp sms in my country, so I am [many of us] asking for someone expert to look into it :confused:
If you know about any other similar ways please let me know. please

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Well, i didn’t ask if you need it. we want it because we need it. that’s all. also, please ignore this topic for answers if you don’t want it.

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