Firebase multiple connections

Hello friends. I have a question. When in a project I have multiple connections to firebase (6 or + connections) is it possible for firebase to deny the connections (firebase error - permission denied)? Is it necessary to use the connection / disconnection block to firebase? Thanks in advance

No it’s not necessary…You can work with them…That error pop ups when rules aren’t set to be public ( for testing only )…When you want your rules to be secure…And in the same time you can connect your app only with…Refer to this guide:

Hi Mohamed, thank you for your answer. Yes, I am dealing with the firebase security rules. In my opinion I am doing the right thing, I adapt the security rules of firebase auth in relation to the structure of the nodes of realtime database (something very simple) but I do not get the approval of the simulation tests of the rules. Do you know about firebase?

Yes i know…

The public rules or any rules?
Can you show what happens?

Hello Mohamed, thank you very much for supports.

My application is in Spanish, so you can see some tag in this language.

This is my real time database structure …


And these are my rules with which I have not managed to approve the simulation and that alerts me Permission Denied error…

I think it is possible that the error may be that there is no rule for “dbconjunto”, I don’t know.

I am very grateful for your collaboration Mohamed!!

Yes i think all of your tags need to have rules…Else you can’t write them… And you will get that error

Check “.write” : false ( look false in red ), i thinks is strings error “.write” : “false”
Here documentation about firebase rules

Greetings, from Santa Fe Capital !!!

Thanks Mohamed, very much! Can you suggest a rule that includes “dbconjunto” with read and write permission for “users” and read only for “codigobarr”, please? or do you think it is necessary to modify the structure of the database? I appreciate your intervention!!

Thanks Leandro!! I think that the expression “.write” false (in red) does not generate a permission denial error because it is a safe rule. What modification would you make to this rule to prevent the writing of “codigobarr”? Thanks Leandro !! greetings from Cordoba capital !!

I say add " to false “false”. read my post
Check “.write” : false ( look false in red ), i thinks is strings error “.write” : “false”
If you see any in red into firebase rules string is wrong or missing some character !!!
I also suggest you read the link that I put. Picada and fernet right now in home…

Hi Leandro!! Thanks for response. I think that false is a boolean value and this must does not content "
Anyway I tried your suggestion and my permissions denied by firebase continue. Do you think that if I modify my database structure it will be easier to solve this problem of permission denied by firebase? Vamoo SantaFe, it’s the max