Firebase not working in new update

In kodular Fenix new update firebase get value automaticly with defuelt bucket. Not making firebase project bucket in blocks. And not work in condition in blocks

Did you update your app? Recompile? During the time Do you checked in the firebase designer part whether default bucket is filled with app name? if so, del it and try once again…

Yes I’m already updated the app. Firebase project bucket defuelt with app name, after remove app name it’s work similarly use defuelt bucket name and got value from firebase when screen inisilize

which mean getting values or not getting values? Problem solved or not?

I set firebase project bucket in block section and then got value but when app extract and open it automatically got value using defuelt bucket. Block section bucket not using to get value

A work arround is to set firebase’s project bucket on Screen.initialize so whatever is set in designer view for example defaualt name doesn’t affect your project