Firebase Notification(even after app gets killed)

Give it auto-start permission to find it working :)

Not asking autostart permission.

I enabled autostart manually but not working

Try to use ResolveActivity block.

This problem only occurs on Redmi devices.

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Now asking autostart permission but not start service not showing anything

Check your configurations are correct, what have you changed?

Did you change the firebase credentials with yoursown?

Firebase credential my.
But not working…

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When clicking on the notification should open the app how to do this?

sorry, but where can the extension be downloaded?

sorry, but this aia doesn’t work for me. I changed with my firebase data

I did everything but the app does not send notifications even when open.

aia isn’t available for download

Can you describe what you actually want to run

I want to be notified when any data changes in firebase. It doesn’t work even when the app is open.

You just Add two blocks

  1. Create function for DeafultUrl ( add call function block after creating this one)
  2. change {%0} and {%1} to {$0} and {$1}

If it won’t work can send your aia in pm if possible



I know how to get value when data changed but when anynotification click then open Screen2 with that value.
How can we do this.

Hellow @Xoma I want open URL in background using background extension can you share me the block.

Thanks In advanced.

You can try out the examples :upside_down_face: