Firebase Permission denied

my firebase rules:

that showing in login screen that who will sign for first time. i searched but i cant find a decent solution.

I also had this problem for a long time. I solved it by putting the Firebase database component in a separate screen.
One screen only for login and registration and one only for data.

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If possible try to go through with this guide.

thats quite old. I dont want to mess with web component and jsons.

you mean, login/register screen and “loading” screen? i will try that.

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However you must enable first read and write to true for users bucket then if you add rules for remaining bucket it will work…

there are users bucket and key-value. its not works.

What I am trying to tell is, your rules says all the bucket are protected. In such case you will get such error only. You must set atleast one bucket to read and write to true to one and all then you won’t be getting any error. Anyhow try the method suggested by @Ded_Sec_00 and try…

i want to secure all buckets. thats not a solution, just a workaround. i will try that.

Hello dear, Please show your block

why? i am using firebaseauth login register blocks and firebase database (no blocks) and getting error.

Just ignore the pop up and set this block


problem is not pop up. firebase not authenticates for read-write jobs.

Try block like this

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i will. thanks.

Add this also

so i can say that, what to do when signing up? i already did login function.

Same block


It will work when you do a loading screen or do the Timer solution but it gave me errors too some times.

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can you explain more? what did you do when signing up? i am trying to store some information if sign up success.