Firebase Phone Authentication Successful Without OTP

Hi, I have set up a Firebase Phone auth system in my app. It works, but the weird thing is my phone number gets successfully logged in without entering otp… Why does this happen?

You may test with,already, same number. Or your number may already authedicated with existing firebase project

No, I tried removing the number from the authenticated users list but even then my phone number gets logged in without otp. I think it is because I am using the same device. Let me check using another device.

If possible send us your blocks, let me check up

Did you add your number and default OTP in firebase phone verification page?

Now this is is believe the functionality added by the developer to auto fetch the OTP. The component fetchs the OTP automatically and triggers the login success event. You can see in your messages that you actually an OTP message.

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No, I don’t receive any OTP

Why don’t you change the firebase project, add this app and start from beginning and try???

I have experienced the same as @zainulhassan said.

Best way, is to debug.
I debug these things by showing a notifier (alert) each time an event occurs.
It will help you understand what is happening and when…

This is because of auto verifying OTP.
If the OTP is received on the same device, then it will get verified automatically.
I tested sending OTP to another phone, it didn’t get auto verified.
Authentication was successful after entering OTP manually.
This is not a bug.