Firebase phone number auth is not working

firebase phone number auth not working please help me
i tried this block

Yes it is not working.
I have also tried to use it but neither it is showing any error nor sending OTP.
We need a Guide for this.

brother how you enter phone number with country code or not

With and without country code.
Even test number is not working.

bro its working

really i get otp

Please Show Your Block Sir What Is The Current Solution

first i am not sir my brother see my first post i do not change my block

are u try with country code

I Am Trying Both But Not Working

you uplode json file in kodular

try one more time with country code and uplode json file in youe project one more thing please write keystore key in your firebase project

Why We Need To Upload It

connect your project with firebase

to get json file you creat your package name like com.compnyname.appname then register your app in firebase with this package name

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