Firebase phone number authentication

If I were on your place, I would have waited for the next update and focused on other important things. Not being rude but, hoping around every corner will only make you more confused.

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Then you can use way2sms api bro

I don’t think he will wait bro

It has 100 credits only any other which provides more for free

Still wondering why people don’t have patience,

because they didn`t get any sneak peeks :sweat_smile:

We can’t show or tell anything about update also can’t confirm it. you just have to wait patiently. I hope the update will be out soon :wink:

ok :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

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Yes wait today i will search for it and tell you as soon as i found it.
Happy to see you curious about your problem.
Happy Koding user

When does draco update release in found it on YouTube

Can you provide the link to that video? update news

I have checked the video! And was posted by @7StarMedia. I hope the update will out this week so stay tuned :sunglasses:


Hoo thank q

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Yeah the update can come anytime in this month

Probably Next week !! Wait for it… Wait …

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Any one has any idea of the draco update release date

waiting with 8 eyes. But no information about this. As said it will be in this or new week

Can you stop that please?
@Diego is posting Sneak Peeks, that means that the release date is very close

when is next sneak peek coming