Firebase phone number authentication

I like to use firebase phone number authentication.could any one help me… Is there any extension for it

Coming soon


When is there any day to release

Maybe we get new update on new year as a new year gift. :yum:

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Could u tell me Who will develop the extension, I will contact them please

@hammerhai is an extension developer, you can discuss with him.


:sweat_smile: Not too advanced yet.

He meant who is going to develop that (Firebase Authentication) component. :sweat_smile:

i think he is talking about his own work, he wants someone to make extension for him thats y i mentioned @hammerhai.

if i am wrong then… :sweat_smile:


Im a newbie to :joy:

This will be a awesome feature. We don’t have to worry guys @pavi2410 said “coming soon” means he is doing his job on it :joy:

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S that’s true

Im working on it


This is why :kodular: will always be best. Excellent staffs ever.


You can use api they are better and also good because google also uses API to sent sms not their own system.

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How to use that

Maybe you guys should wait, since @Sander said he’s working on it. Instead of wasting your time, work on other features.


How to use google api service

No i don’t know about google api but you can use textlocal api
bro wait i will share you the link link

But Textlocal will charge money