Firebase Phone Sign In not working

Hello. I am trying to login through Firebase Auth, Phone Sign In.
I have added my project to Firebase with SHA-1 Certificate.
I have enabled phone sign in method
I have uploaded the json file to my assets

and here are the blocks:

The problem is -
The spinning progress does not dismiss and I am not getting any OTP.
I have checked that I am getting the phone number from Google Sheets, and it is confirmed whwn I get the Notifier Show Alert “Welcome” as you can see in the above blocks, that means it is returning the said mobile number, but the Firebase Authentication isn’t working.

Can someone help?

Delete join button from phone number signin

It doesn’t work without country code, and neither the spreadsheet nor the textbox has the country code.

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I hope firebase will allow only one project phone authedication. Try with alternate email firebase

As far I understand you
No. In Firebase authentication section, there is a option to add apps it means we can add more apps and use the same account for different apps.

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But we wont get otp for the second app. Already i tried so i shared… First app only will get OTp

thank you

So I suggest you try with new firebase project , mostly it will work. If not create a new firebase console with another email id. Certainly it will work then

And test with new number. If you use already authedicated mobile with same email id console you won’t get otp instead directly will be logged into project.

Per email (irrespective of number of Firebade projects) first time only you will get OTP

I am telling from what I experienced, pls correct me if I am wrong.

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