Firebase phone verify problem

blocks - 2020-09-08T151059.124 I am using firebase phone number verification, I uploaded the JSON file, when I try to send OTP, i dont get any error message nor OTP

blocks - 2020-09-08T151053.963

Hi @JJ_SHOP, welcome to the community!

Actually you have an error here because you verifying the phone number with the input type and not the text.
Second, have you enabled logging in with phone in your fire base console.
And btw you won’t get the error message because you are using sign up failed and not log in failed event.

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Thanks for reply, I have enabled phone number verification in firebase, but i am not getting OTP before verify. Thanks in advance

it may take sometimes to send.Also debug your blocks by using log in failed event.Also fix this:


Thanks, I will try and let you know.

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