Firebase Question: Data Changed

I am interested in the block Data Changed. When I was testing to deploy it, I noticed it actually grabs the entire database. Is this normal behaviour?

I was trying to make an event handler for when one value changed, but I dont want the entire database being downloaded to the phone.

Am I doing something wrong? Here is an example of a use case

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Did you tried with current blocks?

Also, can you show what is the tag and value result (if it is not private), so maybe we can find solution to only grab one data.

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While I get the result I need, to much info is being pulled. This block shows how I see what it is processing.


I was also wondering about this. i want to get value when data is changed but this block is getting the old data upon startup. i don’t know if it is a bug or not . it is getting value when data is changed but also getting the old value as i mention.

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i think @cian u see the toast “Credits updated” on very startup of your app?

Maybe this fix your problem.Firebase get all values from DB when screen started

Thanks for the help, but it did not work. For some reason the entire database is being downloaded on the first GET query.

Even if I change the value name, or the bucket name. I have to play with it some more. If this is going to be the case, I wont be ale to use it.

hello @Ali_Aydin i already know that, our issue is different. maybe you should read again.

Yes me too suffering from this problem, the event is triggered the times of tags in the database on every initialisation of screen .I even tried by toggling persist but no luck it is still triggering every time on startup.If anyone has solution please help.

Did you got solution for this problem ?

or @someone Please help us on this".Sorry if someone has insulted with this or its appropriate, i have mentioned names because i thought i will get some help as they were online and there was no answer for this question from when the question is asked it’s almost a year now,i thought of creating new discussion about this but i have read somewhere on this community that one should avoid creating duplicate topics so I continued here and Do all people get notification for new comments in old threads or only people in the thread willl know,And if i made anything wrong please correct me so that i won’t repeat it again.

Dont use usernames just to get attention.

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can you please provide some details, what you are facing and what you are up to?

Okay thanks for the replay, I won’t repeat it next time and is there any other method to do so that we can notify when the question is not answered for long time.

I have used firebase ‘on data changed’ block to detect change in data, but when the screen initialises the data changed event is triggered and it fetches all the tags and values in firebase realtime database.I have also tried by turning on persist but the problem exists and it happen every time the screen is opened.

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I’m having some problem with you… how did you solve it?