Firebase - Read 2 or more children buckets under a main bucket

Hi. I have a database in Firebase which has a bucket and 2 buckets children(under/inside the main bucket). How can I set Kodular to read the all registers under the children buckets ?
Ex: Main bucket: Country
Child bucket 1: Europe. Under this child bucket I have Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc
Child bucket 2: South America. Under this child I have Brazil, Argentina, etc
I want to create a full list reading only Main bucket.


Tks for the guide. However, I couldn´t find the answer for my question.

Using the dictionary, to extract data from the json

Tks. I´m trying to avoid it but It must be.

Like this?


No. I will take a copy and publish here. Thank you

Point firebase to the bucket project, and then use the (GET_Tag_list block), then in the return " (When_Tag_List), read the data inside the received tags

Thank You. I will try it.