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Hello Friends : i have watched blood donation app video in youtube, i also designed that kind of app so now i cant connect with Firebase Database for data storing please help me i really need this app if you want i will send you .aia ti check and connect with database .

What is your actual problem? please elaborate.

Sir I have designed blood donation app it has 3 pages first one welcome screen 2nd one is registration page and the 3rd one is search page.
When user open the app he must register his blood group or search for blood group for searching I want to use Firebase database.

What have you tried and what is not working.

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Cant get registered users …

Show your blocks please so we can help you.

I already created that app & removes all the bug from it . If you want i will send you aia. it totally bug free . Its totally Free.

Can you post it here for others?


Blood_Bank.aia (190.6 KB)


  1. Completely Bug Free
  2. Change About Page
  3. I just created it for M.P. only
  4. My whatsapp no. is there in about page
    don’t forget to change no. & Privacy Policy…

Hope this is Helpful… Thank You


Thanks we will use this one.

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