Firebase realtime db

i am not able to send data to firebase real time db, please guide me

no one is going to help you, the block is fine, but we can’t guess the rest

have you added your firebase url in designer mode? are you using any rules?

see here please

Do not post the same thing over and over again, provide the necessary information and wait for help.

Please Provide More Info Like Properties Of Firebase Component You Have Used And Make Sure Card View Is Clickable.

@INSTA_REPAIR Is this problem with kodular? Or you are having two account with same name and dp?? Opener of post reply shows , his last was 1yr ago…


Pls read above reply and check up

the subject was moved and unified because I repeatedly publish the same thing

Hello @Still-learning I need your help If you have 10 to 15 minutes.
I need to create a new topic or will you reply here only or PM?