Firebase Runtime Error When Retrieving Data

I am facing a run time error “Select list item: Attempt to get item 3 of list of length 2 bla bla bla…”
But I have tried everything to debug yet unsuccessful. Any comment from you guys.

My blocks

My blocks


the error explains itself, you are trying to get the value from specific index from the list which do not have that index

You have a read time of 1 minute.

I would suggest that instead of “bla bla bla…” you take the time to read the error message, understand it, and if you still don’t get it then go back through the learning material.

This is my firebase data which I have five list there.

And sometimes show error like this

I have solved it by putting timer to delay it from retrieving data.

@deanart2012 thanks for your “take the time to read” gave me this idea haha.

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