Firebase SignUp system problem

Hi,I am newbie in kodular and wanted to create a SignUp and sign in system in kodular so I added the sign-up with Google and with email here is my aab fileNoname.aia (63.4 KB) . When ever I test the project in champion then that is fine but when I downloaded APK file and opened sign up screen automatically re-opens again and again pls help me solving the problem.Thanks in advance

Most probably you have more than one screen and you do not close a screen before opening one. Try this

But now also the same problem

Your aia does not have firebase authentication settings, see this

Please tell me which settings

If the screen repeatedly open mean check up your clock… Make it timer alwys fire false while it initiate. Your prob will resolved

I think you should add a clock and initialize it on a splash screen.
Then on clock timer event add if then else condition to check that the user is signed in or not if it is signed in then open the main screen else open login signup screen.
And also check if there is only 1 open another screen event.

You have to set clock timer enabled to false when clock timer


Thanks for your suggestions but when I had if Google signed in then it will always returns true whenever I reinstall the app and whenever I remove the email from firebase authentication users section pls help me

Yes… It should work.