fireBase Storage downloading issue

why when i use firebaseStorage to download an image it makes the app freezing !
and if i touch the screen many times it crashes
is there a way to download without this issue ?!!

Have you used the right firebase link? or the right components? Could you download block as image and upload it? Like that we can’t understand the issue

i am using it in the right way the right link and the right component
the issue is that
when the screen initialize the images are downloading and i have to wait and do not use the app until every thing is done
and if i touch the app it will be not responding
is there a way to continue use the app while downloading or even to make a progress bar until the downloading is finished
cause when i use the progress bar its lag until the images are downloaded
like this !

not running smoothly

Maybe the size of your files is causing the issue or your internet connection is slow.

To make it easier for us to understand what’s wrong, provide us the images of your blocks.

If you don’t show us the blocks we’ll never be able to help you

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