Firebase Storage Online Audio Playing Error

Hello, I am a student in high school. I have to do a school project.

I wanna play audio from Firebase Storage,i use
com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseStorage.aix (34.6 KB)
this extension I already set the Firebase Storage rule, API keys, links all one is ok, but when I try to play the sound of our call the sound, Unable to Play/Call error comes to my front.Can you help me, please?

Use cloudinary :grin:

Is this your aix? If no then do you have rights to publish on behalf of that developer?

Don’t share aix , share your work and the error it causes

friend i want do like DOWNLOAD no upload i want use online audio.please help me

Upload audio files on cloudinary copy its link and store on database then using that cloudinary url and download component download it.