Firebase storage properties not showing

Hi everyone,
I am knew here…I need a help
after choosing firebase storage …it’s not showing it’s properties even after json file uploaded to to asset…pls help.
thanks in advance…

Never shown anything to properties cause all needed is google-services.json

thnx for reply.
well, json file downloaded & uploaded to kodular assets, in spite of that properties are not shown yet.

Because there isn’t any properties for firebase storage

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Cause there no properties to set from designer view. It is not the only component with no properties see

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Actually I want to show image, which is in firebase storage, in the app.
what would I do…plz suggest.

I suggest you to use. Firebase storage extension.It’s easier to deal with:

And you must have you image url stored on another database ( firebasedb for example ) so you can get it when it’s necessary.
Tip: you can show images on image component directly with the download url without needing to download it.
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Also you can use cloudinary and airtable combination. Cloudinary component to store images online and once they are uploaded you can immediately take that images URL and save them to Airtable.

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Thanks, it’s working.
please tell me another thing…
when I’m living the app by pressing mobile home button, and later when I’m back into the app, I’m back into that screen where I left.
But I want the app to be closed whenever someone left the app from any screen.
And it will start from beginning when he come back again.
what will be the blocks ??
once again thanks in advance…

I’m really happy that i helped you :grinning:

Can you please start a new thread for your new question.As your question now isn’t related with this topic :blush:

ok, sure.

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