Firebase UID Auth Error

Hello friends, today I come with a problem and I would like to see if you could help me.

I’m currently working with an app that serves as a shortcut to writing my Firebase Realtime Database. I previously had my database with insecure rules that gave anyone access to write to it, but I chose to change my rules so that when you log into the application, only a specific UID has access to write. In the Rule Playground it worked correctly, but when I go to the application it tells me “Firebase Error Permission denied” even though I authenticated with the email from which I obtained the UID that I entered in the database rules.

Do you have any solution? (I attach a photo of my rules and the error that the application presents)

auth.uid != true && …

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How does that help me or fix the problem? sorry for my ignorance :pleading_face:

If the problem is in the rules, review and correct accordingly.

Hey, that’s why I’m asking for help, I don’t know where the error could be.

wow friend, it’s not that difficult to interpretimage