Firebase very slow alternative what can i do

I made a correspondence application, but it is very slow to save the images to the cloud seminar, save them to firebase and bring them to the application. Is it faster if we save the photos and videos on the phone and show them from there? how can i do if


is it faster?

Airtable is a very slow database it cannot load least 100 rows with speed

Redis server\mysql

u can use mysql database for everything…
Just buy a Hosting with unlimited bandwidth & some 50GB-100GB SSD Storage (u can buy this at cheap price dm me if u interested) than use this to create any app

Note: if u just want to make app with MySQL database than I don’t say to buy any higher plan just simple plan like 20rs per month so yearly its cost around 200rs & u got unlimited bandwidth & some 5GB-10GB storage

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Where do we save the photos

Upload it to your server and save link in mysql table

make FTP account & upload it to your server and after uploaded insert the URL into MySQL that’s it :innocent:

Can you send the link of the site in my plan review

I can’t understand…send me pm we can talk there