Firebase Warning: 97% of your downloads limit has been used.....?

In my firebase this warning is shown

97% of your downloads limit has been used – upgrade to ensure that there is no service disruption.

Can anybody tell me what is this?

Just what is says. You have to pay to further use firebase else it will not work anymore.

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:persevere::persevere::persevere:… What will happen to database & is any other way to keep database running.

Not everything in life is free. Or you keep below download limit but that will be hard i guess or you pay.

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Ok thanks so much @Peter … BTW the data which is stored will it be safe ?

Don’t know, i guess so. Maybe someone who uses firebase a lot can answer that. Or you could ask at Firebase itself.

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i highly recommend you to download all data from there now
because same thing happaned with me also

and i was unable to updgrade the firebase from my credit card so they blocked all services and also i was not able to get the access of data to view / edit or downlaod

so download your data first.

and sorry for bad english.

Thanks bro for your suggestion… I will do according to you…:blush::blush::blush:

The data stays safe. You just need to wait for the free quota to refill.

I advise you not to download the required data every time the user opens the application save the data in the application and call it that saves a little