Firebase works as download but not on google play

i have look and found a lot of old posts

simple blocks when cardview click call auth if auth = true (login success) then open a now page …

i have just created a new json file today i have made sure all the plugins are only from kodular and all refreshed with then new update

(( Google Play Store ))my problem is that it opens the picker for google you can select the google accout and then … nothing happens you can pic the acc again and again and in never goes to the (MainMenu) please can any one help tell me what i have done wrong or any help with the blocks please

((direct APK download)) works like a charm

Thank you im just trying to find where to add the fingerprint to fire base now thank you very much

Change the sha key in the firebase with the new key downloaded from the play store.
Open firebase>go to your authentication enabled project>you will see the app ai the top>click on it.>click on add fingerprint,

thank you i seam to have found it and its going to the google testing server lets hold thumbs

Thank you to both of you the info saved me from ripping out my hair thank you it helped a lot my app works now

this is the first time i have got help i asked for help some time ago and all that happend was the admins gave me hell about dbl posting … :slightly_frowning_face: but thank you to both of you that helped #Aishwarya and #Still-learning Gowri SankaR


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