FirebaseError There was an error while initializing the connection to Google Play Services: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method isAtLeastR()

Hi, I created a project with firebase auth (kodular integrated extension), I ask for help because with the tutorials I found here on the forum I can’t find any solution, is there anyone who could explain to me step by step what I have to do?
Please help me on this I don’t know what to do

before use firebase auth extention you must upload google-service.json file from firebase to kodular asset.

Yes, i did it but It doesn’t work
(The nane of .JSON file Is correct)

When i try to login or sign in it shows me this error:

are you testing with kodular paltform? pls show us your blocks

no, i compiled the apk file and i’m using it

Hello to all users who will have the same problem as me, I solved it by simply replacing the admob sdk extension with admob sdk lite that you can always download on kodular comunity (I think that before the admob extension conflicted with firebase).

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