Fix display problem of icons in Floating Actioon Button

Problem of displaying icons in Floating Actioon Button

Add a Floating Action Button, place an Icon Name (Material)

It is displayed correctly

The IconName (Material) looks incomplete



Android 5.1 - App Kodular Companion

And what happens when you try it as an exported APK?


the solution of this problem is you can decrease the size, sometime in small resolutions phone, it will create a lot of problems.


Compiled the full icon is not seen, I also have that error.

The same problem

also try to use in image format and have the same problem. I will try to reduce its size if it can visualize itself well, but I think it would start to look blurry … can you use an svg format?

Besides Android version what do you have for phones brand, I am unable to reproduce this on Samsung Note 3


It really worked well before the update, I would not know how to fix it

I’ve marked the solution. If you have the size set to auto, it’s probably causing more issue, so set it to Normal, if that doesn’t work, give your properties.

I have just checked our code and there was no change done on the fab. @imancol

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Yes, this is happening for me. (with Android 5.1 same version) But this is a not bug, this caused with phone. I’m using a phone which has low resolution.

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