Fix Ripple for Bottom Navigation

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You can also test it by yourself by changing the background of the Bottom Navigation to black.

What’s supposed to happen

The ripple when clicking on one of the options is supposed to turn the opposite darkness of your color. If your background color is light, the ripple should be dark, if your background color is dark, the ripple should be light.


Awesome :100::100::100:

Or not

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So why does it not happen for me then? Or as shown in the example.

Did you try it as apk or only on companion


I’m assuming youre using an APK, but it doesn’t work in the companion

Of course :upside_down_face:

@Boban I’ve recently tried this again, and it still only happens when the background is dark… this time I tried with an APK :frowning:

I have not used it, but try this extension maybe it works for you

This isn’t a proper ripple like the cardview has… Plus we shouldn’t need to use an extension to fix an issue that should’ve been fixed already.

Yes you are correct, but sometimes need to take the long way

It’s not a long way… this wouldn’t work for any of the components that have a ripple already (if the arrangement is clickable). It would also not work for a component that has children with ripples, for example the bottom navigation (it only works on dark backgrounds). The extension also doesn’t let you change the color, it’s just stuck on the default color like every ripple so it wouldn’t work anyway. The button touch color works, but not the cardviews.