Fixed Border & Size Bug

I have fixed the Border and Size of the Components.



This will be available on the next update


Could you also change the tablet preview where the three dots are in the middle of the titlebar.

We are aware of that. I will take a look at it @Peter

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I made it smaller now


Tablet - Landscape:

Phone - Landscape:



The title is always visible, although the ‘title visible’ checkbox not checked in the properties.

Can you fix this too?

I see nothing wrong there.

He means that when he selected the Title Visible Property in the designer that the Title Bar in the phone doesn’t go invisible. Am I right @Ka_Fa?

yes of course

As I said, I see nothing wrong there because it works for me, both on android 4.3 & 7.0 that I have tested.
Title visible - checked Visible
Title visible - unchecked Not visible

@Ka_Fa provide os with a aia file that demonstrate that issue.

The only way I’m able to reproduce this behavior is, if I have a Textbox component with NumbersOnly checked


No, no… You don’t understood me… I mean in the Viewer like in this post:

It’s worked for me too, but I’m talking for the Viewer in the designer Tab of the Project

Ahh silly me, :brain: melting in my head, mostly because I never thought about what it looks like in designer as long as it looks great on the phone/tablet…

Apologize for my misunderstanding.


Its okay @Boban. This is just a small feature which I also didnt see first. I noticed it when I was editing the border and padding lines.

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@vishwasadiga is working on it