[FIXED for ROOTED PHONES] Screenshot with Status Bar and navigation bar empty


I believe there isn’t another topic like this.
I’m not sure if I’m the only one who is experiencing the problem. The problem is whenever I make screenshots using kodular, the status bar and the navigational bar is empty.

Sample Screenshot:

Can someone help me with this?
or is there an extension for this which works like a screenshot that includes the status bar, etc.

I haven’t had this issue but if you’re in the Companion app it might help to install your app as an APK and try taking screenshots from there.

I did, installed as an apk.
still the same result.
The icons on the navigation bar and the time and icons on the status bar is not visible

I just found out that even Notifiers are not visible in screenshots

Show your blocks

Also, the video that is playing on Web_Viewer is empty in screenshots.

Also, notifiers does not appear in the screenshot.
Only the Snackbar will be included in the screenshot.


even if I do just a simple call Screenshot.Take Screenshot, the notification bar and the navigation bar is still empty.

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Do one thing try the screenshot extension once if it’s working all right… Then continue with that & please share your aia so that we can check…


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thanks. I’m gonna try this first

Okay, I have tried it. still the same result. Actualy you can check the link that you gave me, the screenshots that they have doesn’t also show the icons on the status bar/notification bar

I guess this is just how Kodular works?

anyone who can help me?

Does the same thing happen when taking screenshots of other apps or is it yours specifically?

just the app I created with kodular using the screenshot component.

If I take a screenshot with my built in screenshot in my device, everything is okay.

By reading on stackoverflow page it doesn’t seems to be doable

As a reference, one way to capture the screen (and not just your app activity) is to capture the framebuffer (device /dev/graphics/fb0). To do this you must either have root privileges or your app must be an app with signature permissions (“A permission that the system grants only if the requesting application is signed with the same certificate as the application that declared the permission”) - which is very unlikely unless you compiled your own ROM.

One thing you might do is to remove status bar and navigation bar before taking screenshot

which device and Android version are you using for your tests?

I have also tried this and as mention above statusbar and navigationbar are empty…

Samsung, android 7 and 9

root privileges sounds okay to me since most of the people has their phones rooted nowadays. Is it doable in kodular though?

(I thought of root access permission stuff before but I can’t find it on kodular)

Here’s my device info:

Device: Pocophone F1
MIUI: MIUI Global 11.0.4 | Stable
Android Version: 10 QKQ1.190828.002
Android Security Patch level: 2020-01-01

I have tried it on Kodular Companion and exported APK. Same result.

I have more then 10 devices at home and non of them are rooted

Someone has to make an extension from the code present on that page

Or since you have rooted device try using shell component and this line
su -c input keyevent 120
su -c "input keyevent 120"

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THANK YOU! the su -c input keyevent 120 worked!


This won’t work for everyone( non-rooted) but atleast rooted phones can benefit.
Thank you

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