Flash SOS (Help ! )

Is there any way to have the flash blinks according to the sos morse code ? (3 short blinks + 3 long blinks + 3 short blinks)
I tried using timer with taifun_flash but it did not work

Try setting the interval before enabling the timer.

Also I think you might want to move the blocks inside Clock1.Timer to a procedure.

1-As you can see time interval for clock2 is set before enabling it.
2- how can i put the timer inside a procedure ? it does not connect inside …
Thank you for your help

I would switch these block to be sure that the interval is set Before Clock2 is enabled.

I meant the blocks inside of Clock1.Timer should be moved to a procedure.

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the problem here is that the variable does not increment …

what about clock2 ?

You’ll need it

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