Flights compare app and web viewer. AIA and google play link

Compare Flights and Hotels

The is a web wrapper for a Travelpayouts Affiliate program. I created a custom front end for the Flights and Hotels part. Uploaded a text file containing IATA data for all the airports. The links to car rentals and VPN are just affiliate links in the webview. If you click the link to “Powered by Travelpayouts” I get second tier commission, but this should easily be adaptable to any commission based travel site. Please comment back when your app goes live, I would love to see what improvements you made.

App Store/Download link:
Google Play Store

AIA file: Compare_Travel_3.aia (2.4 MB)


The image you use in the sidebar is 2,4 MB and is 4158 x 2771 pixels. Please change that to a smaller one.


Thanks, for the feedback, I’ll do that

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welcome to community nice work,

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Thanks man, any tips would be great.


i will check your app and if it needs any then heartly we give suggestions,

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Is your flight/Hotel App country specific to one country or International use

I loaded 47000 airports on the text file used for iata data. most of the airports don’t really have airline service. So that part is international. I use Travelpayouts for the affiliate, it’s international and Russian based. From what I’ve seen it covers most currencies and languages. Haha, I get affiliate updates in Russian. Just change the language and date styles and your off.

Question to the admin: Can I post my affiliate link to travelpayouts?

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How you get airport data.any api

Text file stored in the assets

Nice work. Also Design is Super Cool

Cool… aia is working good…
May be if we will try we can make more attractive ui…
By the way really lovely…