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Hi, in my application you can turn letters upside down. Everything works well, but the letters “p” and “q” are not translated. I made an array with the initial letters and the array is already with the letters turned upside down. When we enter one letter, the application assigns the same letter, but already inverted from the second array. But why does the application not assign the letters “d” and “b” to the letters “p” and “q”?

Show your blocks

You need
But you are doing
Check again

Use dictionary for better organising things

In the photo it’s correct, as you say, p = d, q = b, but even if you do as you say, nothing will change. If you turn the letter p over, you get d, the same with q, if you turn it over, you get b

Refresh Companion Screen

No, it doesn’t help

Send your AIA

Don’t look on add, I use enhance add

Ok… Send tomorrow
Private message me if you feel it should be private
Or post it here in this topic… so other developers can help you…

I think, I can send now, but how I can aia file? I can send you text, but I don’t know how send aia

I send aia file, check please

On Kodular Creator, Top Left, Click on project, Save aia to computer…
And share AIA file

I know, I sent

But all blocks and components on Russian language

Problem is in first for each number block
I fixed AIA file and sent to you through private message
I replaced lists with Dictionary for better organizing things…


Thank you, all are working.

If you just wanted to flip the text, you could have used for your second text box or label


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What? :thinking:
Yes, it is the easy process…