Float a Component to a Particular position

Hi Koders,
Is it possible to float a Button to a particular position.
I want the user to click a particular position and the button should be position right there.
I am trying to get the position by Canvas and placing it using

Extension by @jarlissonlira2 but its not accurate.


Also I tried using Component tools but the Button is behind the Canvas.

Is there any other alternatives or solution.

Can you try to use setZ position block with your button component?Also my extension uses pixels, which means that you should multiply the X and Y value by the screen density.

But, there is a slight difference between the position clicked and the placed.

I tried your Reposition Tools extension,
When I Drag component on canvas, the Button goes under it. But when I drop, it appears at the front.
I tried to change Z axis using Components Tool but it did not work.
Is there any solution