Floating Action Button is not hidden as it should be

Hello community, When the Main Screen is initialized, certain buttons must be hidden, but these are displayed a fraction of a second (something that should not happen, see video)

How do I solve this problem?Mi video.mp4 (1.8 MB)


Is that Btn_Mostrar makes other buttons visible and invisible (Actual Behaviour)?

Correct, show and hide by clicking on that button.

Right! Set logic in Screen Initialize as below…
If Btn_Mostrar is visible, set others to False.

you can use button

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The condition didn’t work for me (it looks the same as in the video). Did I do something wrong?


I show the block of the button Btn_Show (this block if it fulfills the function perfectly)

What you can do is , make buttons invisible from components properties. And , make them visible on button click (Btn_Mostrar)


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