Floating Action Button - Moves when Keyboard Opened

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Here’s my issue. When someone opens the keyboard to type a search, the floating action button moves above the keyboard. It is treating the top of the keyboard as where it should take the margin from.

I.e. my margin is 16, so it is normally close to the bottom of the screen, but when the keyboard is opened, it moves to 16 above the keyboard. Is there a way to keep this to the original margin below the keyboard?

I know I could do it by hiding/showing the FAB dynamically, but this creates issues of knowing whether the keyboard is visible without using a timer.

Any ideas appreciated,

You tried with this block?:

when ScreenX.OnKeyboardVisibilityChange

I had no idea that was even a block! Thanks I’ll give it a go

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Keyboards are just like a bottom slider. So I think its not possible.

You can set this;
When Keyboard visible, hide floating button and
When Keyboard not visible, show floating button.

This works without timer.

Yeah I wasn’t aware there was a block for when the keyboard visibility changes so I was doing this with a global timer that checks ‘is keyboard visible’ whenever it fires, I think I’ll just show and hide the FAB when the keyboard is visible. This should do great.

It’s also quite weird how the keyboard acts differently on different devices/android versions - I’m using 2 phones to test.On one phone the keyboard pushes a banner ad from the bottom of the screen to above the keyboard and on another phone it leaves the banner ad hidden behind the keyboard.

When ever the keyboard shows up every thing gets shoved up


Available in Screen 1 Blocks

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Then please mark my reply as solution so that it will ease other to know the final solution.

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Try setting Arrangement height to 100% instead of fill parent

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