Floating action button not animated?

Hi team,

Please see the below issue. Not sure if I’m just missing something important.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Describe your issue

I can’t get floating action button to do the spin animation on click or when called.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Make a new app, add a FAB, enable rotate on click, click it

Expected Behaviour

It should be animated

Actual Behaviour

No animation

Show your Blocks

Even without the above blocks, just enabling “rotate on click” and the other settings, I can’t get it to rotate. Am I doing something wrong here?

for me its working perfectly fine, you must have did anything wrong in properties

using as same as yours, and it rotates



Move “call floating … show” after assigning properties. Let me explain first set the starting angle then end, rotation on true and then you make it appear

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I have the same problem too. Button doesn’t animate.