Floating text is possible?

Hi all,
I am creating a game where I want the users can chat but I don’t want them to see the messages in a separate arrangement where the need to pause the game and go to another section… Basically I want that when a user sends a message then the messages should come up floating somewhat like when there is a live video going on Facebook and we post a emote it comes floating so i want like that

Take two layout.
In the layout where your label is present, make that layout transparent and you are done. You can see your label floating on the screen.:slight_smile:

I want the messages to pop up like in Facebook and also not just one message there can be many and also the game will be on so can’t set the arrangement to transparent

Use animation utilities to create floating effect. Consult following post.

You should use listview to show those messages.

I am saying to take two arrangement, one for messages and other for game. Set the arrangement for list as transparent so that it will look like the list is floating.

Use floating objects extension by Jarlisson