FloorAmount.toUnderlyingValue()' on a null object reference

Apologies for the inconvenience. This will be fixed in the next release. Till then, you can do the following to fix the error:


Thank you for your Response

Still the same after deleted interst ads ?
Need to delete all Google ads ?

Use blocks to set it

Where are the set this block? Any examples?

The image is the example. You will find the block in the drawer for the Ad Manager banner, interstitial, and rewarded video components.

Also see this for context on where to place the block

ok XD

i have just removed all google component

answer was just here

thank you @dora_paz and @Vishwas for the link


This is Right block or Wrong?

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That’s right. You can also set the eCPM floor when the screen initialises. Anytime before loading ads, basically.

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Okay thanks! Today I’m updated my all apps and checkout the eCPM!

Can you tell me Facebook or Unity SDK Outdate, SDK Update in this Month? If yes then which Weeks?

I’m set my block! May be I’m going rights?

yes…its working

wonderful, everything working with this modification.

Still the same …

re add and still the same , got errors

i don’t load interst ads , is it the error?

Somewhere in your code you created an infinity loop that crashes app Search :mag: community for java.lang.StackOverflowError

an infinity loop ??? of what?
the project workeds as well efore the update in 1.5.6
i have not modify any blocks only yesterday with the ads component

What happens if you disable when banner failed to load block ?

Today i got the old msg now

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String com.google.appinventor.components.common.FloorAmount.toUnderlyingValue()’ on a null object reference

Disable Ad fail to load still the same .

ok it fixed

this is the error

i have removed banner load and now i dont get the error

Hi, I have changed some blocks and I dont obtain now the error, but I dont see any intersticial test, in test mode.

What can I do?
Thank you

If you set eCPM Floor on Designer part then dont need to use this block!

Note: Update first latest Kodular Companion App and Test!