Flybot ai: ai chat assistant

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App name :- FlyBot AI

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Features of OpenChat:-
● Answer questions in any field (Social, health, work, entertainment, etc)
● Latest ChatGPT technology from Open AI (GPT-4)
● Ask anything in multi-language
● Ask via Voice recognition
● Speak response
● steam response

This app made in kodular


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AIA file (Price 800rs 9$)

Pm me for buy

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Please make some changes, it will help stand out. Even the color scheme is fully copied :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Thanks You for suggest :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Can you tell me how you addede stream response

Still waiti g for response

Can you buy this aia and get information How this application work steam response

After the purchase, are some paid APIs required or do you provide the free AIA file?

There are no paid extensions used in this aia file, you can buy and see it.

Its used extions

Update Price 20% Discount Only 7.2$

i think its good but i havent actually used the app

It has a nice UI and all but when I tried to generate a story this appeared as an error.

This is Api problem :roll_eyes: wait i fix this