Font Awsome Label Bug

Describe your issue

if i set font awsome with built in font and type and set html format to true and set then as text of the labes the codes from these icons: reddit, Google Play, Instagram

Steps to reproduce the issue

Expected Behaviour

labels would change into icons

Actual Behaviour

labels just stay there text

Android version


p.s. nice new feature with the form

What happens if html format is set to false? The same?

yes it also dont work

& #xf3ab;

Use it like this
Remove the whitespace after the “&”.
HTML must be enabled.

and then always add &#x to it?

correct. And at the end add ;

For me as example this works:
& #xf004;

(Remove the whitespace after &)
Iam not sure if every fontawesome code works, because it is the same like with app versions.
Some icons are added only in new fonts.

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still dont work the others does

That’s why I said it is possible that some are not working.

ahhh didnt read that okay thx :+1:
is there the way maybe you can update fontawsome?

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Yeah we can try to do it.

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You can download the fonts from here too by yourself.
And then just upload it to your project and add the right font you want.

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