Fonts for the title bar

Is it possible to add different Fonts to the Title?

The Material Icons font would be awesome too

You mean title bar?

Hide the title bar and make a new one using Lables & arrangements.

This would be nice for TitleBar Icons.

Yes. I mean the title bar

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Use label as title and Horizontal arrangement as Titilebar then change font.

The title bar looks better and the side menu button animation looks great… I know it‘s possible to make the same title bar with arrangements but it‘s easier to use the built-in functions.

This category is called “iwant” and I think everyone here has the opportunity to share his thoughts and wishes here to expand and improve Makeroid.


Ich schau mir das bei Gelegenheit mal an. :slight_smile:
And yes this category is for wishes.
And everyone can post it here.

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Ready for next component release.