For input string : 30°C

can anyone help me with these problems?, i want to show my value that written in firebase , and making it to line chart

this is my block diagram

and when i press button , it keeps showing me this notification

the Graph does not accept the Units. it only accepts number so the XaxisPoints & Yaxis Points should be simply 30 . remove that °F

is my block diagram correct ? for showing in line chart?

Blocks seem correct. But the graph chemically seems wrong :joy:

but how to use it ? can you fixed it for me, to be honest i’m so confuse

like showing changing temperature , in graph , i need to learn kodular more

do i need more data ? so that i can use line chart?

Sorry For that Comment you are doing it right I was saying that the graph doesn’t make sense because you are putting Temperature on X & Y and Noting the Sample as Ph. Sorry for that the blocks are right. Is it working??

Off course, you can use add item to list, so everytime you get value from firebase it doesn’t overwrite existing value, but you have to watch out about your list lenght, if too much data displayed, then it’s gonna hard for user to evaluate

Yeah its working, but because i input the same data, it just showing like this

Can you show me how to do that?

Yeah i mean it doesn’t makes sense about the graph, how do i solve this problem? , so that i can show the data properly

So Worked with the extension to see how it works. So. Basically each Interval Represents one colour. So the number of Colour you put, That many Readings you can add. For example
If You put 3 Colors : Red, Yellow, Green, so you must put 3 Readings both the x Coordinate & Y coordinate Lets say X coordinates list : (12, 17, 32) and Y Coordinates list : (36, 51, 97) so the line Joining (1st X, 1stY) & (2ndX, 2ndY) coordinate ie. (12,36) & (17,51) will be represented by Red. Line Joining (2ndX, 2ndY) & (3rdX, 3rdY) ie. (17, 51) & (32,96) will be shown by Yellow. & green will simply be Ignored.

And As you said for the Graph, For Example Suppose you want Show the Change in Temperature as the Pressure Changes, So Put Pressure on X Axis & Temperature on Y axis (You will know that that cannot be displayed)
With ‘n’ Number colors as a list in the ‘LineColors’, & ‘n’ Readings of Temperature as list in the ‘yAxisPoints’ & ‘n’ Readings of Pressure as a List in the ‘xAxisPoints’. And there you go. You have a Line Graph

What this Graph wants to show that you must tell how can I tell ? You are making it.

what’s the response you get from your firebase?

if you only want to show temperature, better you also capture the time when that temp change. so Yaxis for temperatue value and Xaxis for the time

Basically I’m making graph like thingspeak, so that data reading always showing continued, but i tried for that extension, if data there is no change, just showing dot like my screenshot earlier

Thank you for your suggestion, i will try that

If The there is No change in Previous Temperature and Current Temperature Add it in the List anyways. Any reading that is coming from firebase should be added in the list and Repeatedly Added to graph. For that I suggest use DataChanged Event. And Everytime Data Changed, Add item to list ‘Global Temperature’ & Add the System Time (Formatted in hh:mm:ss) in ‘global time’ and create LineGraph And Set the respective list time & temperature in X & Y axis In the order as explained by @Anhar_Fahrudin.

Thanks for your help, i will try that