For publishing a calling app, which permission required to select in Console?

actually apps containing call or sms is not getting approved by play store, dont know why, but one of my app also rejected and not uploaded until i removed sms function form app

How to make a phone call using activity starter?

Bro but this option not available in play console you can see.


It’s because your app can not be set as Default Call & SMS handler app.


I’m using this without any prroblem or warning:


And this extension for direct calling the given number:!msg/mitappinventortest/N6B651gvxRw/Au--u1azCQAJ

And your app is on play store


Ofcourse yes, with 10k+ downloads already. (Published 1st release in April 2019)

I think this is OK because I ask permission at runtime as told Here:

Request prompts for dangerous permissions
Only dangerous permissions require user agreement. The way Android asks the user to grant dangerous permissions depends on the version of Android running on the user’s device, and the system version targeted by your app.

Thanks, everyone for your help. Now My app has been published successfully on Play store.

The download link is giving this message!
Malicious Website Alert
This site may have been hacked or contain malicious software. It can be dangerous to visit this page.

What did you do to get it?

Unfortunately, I have no copy of that extension. I’m using it in my app and don’t know if we can extract aix from project AIA.

If you are facing any issue related to publishing apps in play store with calling features then you must use this block, It’ll easily publish without any error. And no need to select any permission. Thanks to Mr. Boban.


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But that way it doesn’t turn on automatically. You still need to press the call button.
I need to make the call directly

Yes, it’s possible. Send me the aia, please.
Edit by Mod, use PM for it

Here is extension I extracted from AIA: (5.4 KB)
Extract folder from the ZIP.

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Yes, if you want direct call without numbering than you must use an extension. In my case, onclick button 1st number comes to the keypad than I can call.

Worked perfectly.
The app is already on PlayStore.
You must request permission for CALL_PHONE first.
Thank you so much, it helped a lot.

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Glad to know it worked for you. :hugs:

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