Force audio to speakers

Hi, I have a Kodular app that uses the sound component. Is there a way to force the audio to speakers (phones speakers) whether or not a headphone jack is plugged in? I did some research online and here is what I could find so far.

@taifun said that he could implement this feature to an existing plugin but I cant reach him, is there anyone that could help me with this or develop a paid custom extension?

Thanks in advanced! :slight_smile:

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If anyone - regardless of the community - is always available, then this is @Taifun. That has been the case for many, many years. But he, too, may take a few days’ vacation.
So you should at least have a little patience.


Hi there.
As the guy in the AppInvertor answer you, the way to go is using the AudioManager Class.
Now question is: Do you want to play Audio / Call?
AS per call, the whole telephone/call management has changed since most of the stuff been published on the net. So if you need anything to do with answering incoming call on speakerphone, is not as simple.
Anyway, as Anke said too, Taifun has been around for a long time so be patient as he always answer all questions either pointing you to a possible solution or working something for you.

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sorry for answering late…

this is an important question… @ovehbe so what are you trying to do? please elaborate…


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Ok, first of all I really appoligize for the misunderstanding. The thing is I’m really new to the comunity and the post I shared was really old so I thaught @Taifun was no longer available in the industry. I really apprieceate all of you guys. Also I have to apologize for the issue cause I needed the sound fix because I have a physical device/product that connects with aux and we were already running out of time so I actually decided to use a bluetooth (which is not working because it doesnt use SSP and I have to use UUID or something wich I tried and didnt work and now I’m really stuck cause the deadline is tomorrow :sweat_smile: anyway) connection instead of aux so I no longer need that too. So thanks a lot for time and apologies for the disturbance…

Not: it would be amazing if someone can help with the bt connection issue (paid or free)…

Sorry for the impaitience, I actually decided to use a bluetooth connection sorry for wasting your time :frowning: :grimacing: