Foreground or background

On a canvas I placed 4 pictures. One of them moves. I wish that, when this passes over the other 3 fixed ones, it was always in the foreground. Instead, at the moment, it is in the foreground only when it passes over one of the 3, on the other two it is in the background.
I need to change some property, which one?
Thank you

Hey, I don’t seem to understand your question properly. Can you elaborate and show what exactly is the problem and what you’ve tried so far?

The images are sprites? Just change the z index of the image to be in the foreground

Sets the layer of the sprite, indicating whether it will appear infront of or behind other sprites.


I thank Taifun. A higher z value should be given to images that need to be in the foreground.
Thank you, your suggestion was effective.

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