Found a bug in kodular concerning splash image

Found a bug in kodular. After deleting the splash screen image and adding a new image, the previous image is showing. It just didn’t happen to me,
This is happening to everyone.

Reload the page.

Reloaded again and again.

I have closed and restarted everything.
but same problem

just change files and file names and try it…
its strange not happened with me

Changed file and file name , but not resolved.

Remove the image, and set the splash image to none. Then save the project manually from the top. Afterwards, refresh and try again.

It has done it before. but not resolved

I am having this problem too:

either u can do normal procedure till the time it gets fixed.
normal procedure is
add clock , image component
i normaly usse that only

Dont worry Your issue Will be resolved while exporting The apk.For now Just Choose the image that you want dont worry about the names.

not resolved

If want You can PM me your aia I can do It for You

It sounds more like your project is broken

Ohhh… Try creating a copy of your project and import it to Kodular after exporting the AIA and deleting the previous project.


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