FOUR seconds (4s) to mount a Dynamic List!

Test in my Galaxy S9+
This is the dynamic list, with 49 option (IDs) from Airtable.

Any idea for turn this more fast?

you can use clock to show one value at a time
also you can first show only 10-15 values and when user reaches the bottom of the screen then show next 10-15 values

you will find tutorials of this on the community as well as on YouTube

But it is a short list of 49 items!
This time of 4 seconds is the time it takes only to assemble the list.
It is only the creation of dynamic components.

Iā€™m not counting the time to get the data from Airtable, as you can see in my block.
Fetching data on Airtable is faster (2s) than building the list!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Initializing many variables for each loop run is pointless in my opinion in your situation.

Try to run the loop without setting image for any picture component. If it reduce the time you have to use async image loader.

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Thank you @HeyAveHey
Really the delay is in the load of the images!
I will follow your advice.

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