[FREE] A Simple Soundboard - Create Awesome Musical Arrangements with A Simple Soundboard!

Hello Kodular Community! I just released my first app on the Google Play Store! I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

What is the name of your app?

A Simple Soundboard

Describe your app:

Create Awesome Musical Arrangements with A Simple Soundboard!

A Simple Soundboard is a FREE App which allows you to make music of your own, perform a musical cover of your favorite song, and even prank your friends! Simply click the edit button, add your sounds, and tap away. Upload a Backing Track to play along with your favorite tune. Or you can Record your own sounds and have some fun! The possibilities are limitless…

Cool Features:-
∘Customizable Button Colors
∘5 Editable Presets
∘Backing Track Button
∘Loop Sound with Delay option
∘Dark Mode
∘And Much More…


App Store/Download link:

A Simple Soundboard - Apps on Google Play

Thank You Kodular and the Community for all your support! :grin:

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Seems to have error on notifier background color property

The dark mode feature is also not working

Tip for you… Instead of numbering 1 2 3 upload instrument picture or the instrument name…

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Thank you for reporting this bug and suggesting a feature. I’ll fix the issue in the next update. :+1:

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You’re welcome.
Also adding sidebar or grid for presets would look better…